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Copyright for RTOs: Developing training materials

The Copyright Act 1968 permits educational institutions (including RTOs) to copy and communicate certain copyright material for educational purposes, within the limitations of the Statutory Education Licence.

The Copyright Agency and Screenrights administer the Statutory Education Licence. The licence allows RTOs to use a variety of hardcopy and digital material for training purposes without obtaining the owner's direct permission.

Without the licence, you are generally not allowed to reproduce or communicate material from any source, other than where there is a direct licence or subscription in place, or permission is granted by the creator of the work.

For information, see:

Text and images
Copyright Agency
Senior Manager, Education Licensing
Phone 02 9394 7644

Television and radio broadcasts
Head of Licensing
Phone 02 9904 0133

For general copyright information, please contact the Copyright Officer from the Department of Training and Workforce Development:

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