Standard Eight

Standard 8 - The RTO c​​ooperates with the VET Regulator and is legally compliant at all times

Q: How do RTOs make an annual declaration? (Clause 8.4)

A:  A policy surrounding this Clause is currently being developed by the Training Accreditation Council and will be circulated to RTOs once available.  

Q: Is Quality Indicator Reporting (Competency Completion, Learner and Employer Survey data) still a requirement? (Clause 8.1)

A: If you have submitted Total VET Activity (TVA) reports for all nationally recognised training activity, you are not required to submit Competency Completion Online System (CCOS) data. RTOs accessing an exemption to TVA must instead report CCOS. There has been no change to the Learner and Employer Survey reporting, and this remains a requirement under the Standards for RTOs 2015.

Last modified: 12/10/2015 2:08 PM