Standard Three

Standard 3 - The RTO issues, maintains and accepts AQF certification documentation in ​​accordance with these Standards and provides access to learner records

Q: What is the difference between Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and providing credit for prior studies? (Clause 3.5)

A: RPL is a form of assessment that assesses the competency of an individual that may have been achieved through formal or non-formal learning. This is used to determine the extent to which the person meets the requirements specified in the training package or accredited course.

RPL should not be confused with providing credit for prior studies, which is not a form of assessment – it is recognising the equivalence of studies previously undertaken and completed successfully. Where a student presents evidence that they have completed one or more units or modules through another RTO or AQF authorised issuing organisation (e.g. AQF certification documentation or an authenticated VET transcript), the RTO must accept and provide credit for the unit(s) or module(s) completed. Learners must not be required to repeat any unit or module in which they have already been assessed as competent. The only exception is when doing so is a license condition or a regulatory requirement.

For additional information please see page 60 of the Users' Guide.

Q: A student has completed all the requirements for a qualification and paid all fees but fails to, or refuses to, provide a USI within 30 days of completion. Should the RTO issue the qualification? (Clause 3.6)

A: No. From 1 January 2015, your RTO may only issue a qualification or statement of attainment to a student after that student has provided you with a verified USI, or after your RTO has applied for a USI on the student's behalf.

To avoid delays in issuing certification documentation, it is recommended you apply for, or verify the learner's USI at the time of enrolment. 

A student can apply to be granted an exemption from the USI Office. You can issue a qualification or statement of attainment to a student that holds an exemption, but you will first need to sight and verify the exemption with the USI Office. For further information on applications for individual exemptions from the USI, please refer to the USI Website.


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