Users’ Guide

The Users' Guide to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 provides explanation and guidance for those applying to become an RTO, existing RTOs, auditors and other regulatory or compliance staff. It may also be of interest to specific VET stakeholders, including learners, trainer/assessors, RTO managers, industry and employers, and third-party providers.

The Guide may assist

  • Organisations applying to become RTOs can use this guide to understand the obligations of an RTO, and develop systems and processes in preparation for submitting an application for initial registration.
  • Current RTOs can use this guide to understand their regulatory obligations, and to establish and maintain systems and processes that both comply with the Standards and suit the RTO and its clients and learners. RTOs can also use the guide to conduct internal reviews and guide improvement initiatives.
  • Auditors and other regulatory staff can use this guide to help them make consistent judgements about the intent of the Standards and how RTOs can implement the Standards in ways that suit them and their learners.

This User Guide is not a component of the Standards and has no legal authority. The Guide does not prescribe how an RTO should be managed or what evidence must be retained to demonstrate compliance. RTOs are best placed to decide the most suitable way for their organisation to be structured and managed. As long as an RTO can present evidence that it complies with the Standards, there is no 'right way' for an RTO to conduct its operations.

RTO staff and management should use the guide to obtain a clearer understanding of the Standards and the obligations of an RTO and use that knowledge to structure operations and gather and retain evidence of compliance.

While the Standards for RTOs apply to all RTOs, this guide contains some information that is specific to those RTOs regulated by TAC. RTOs not regulated by TAC should contact their regulator for specific information regarding VET legislation, regulatory requirements and regulatory processes that apply to them.

The guide will be updated from time to time. Updated versions will be published on this page and any printed copies should be checked for currency against the most recent digital copy.

The Guide can be accessed below:

TAC Users' Guide to the Standards for RTOs 2015 - V02-20

A short workshop focusing on the purpose and structure of the Guide and how to maximise its usefulness to you and your organisation is available below:

Video of Understanding TAC Users' Guide.jpg

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