Standards for RTOs

The purpose of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 is to:

  • set out the requirements that an organisation must meet in order to be an RTO;
  • ensure that training products delivered by RTOs meet the requirements of training packages or VET accredited courses, and have integrity for employment and further study; and
  • ensure RTOs operate ethically with due consideration of learners' and enterprises' needs.  

RTOs are required to comply with the Standards for RTOs through the establishment of effective business systems and processes that direct and guide day to day operations. Once registered, RTOs are required to self-manage their compliance with the Standards. This means their business systems and processes should be reviewed and improved regularly, so that they are effective and consistent with requirements. 

The Standards describe outcomes RTOs must achieve, but do not prescribe how to achieve these outcomes. It is up to each RTO or applicant to determine how it meets the Standards and how it can demonstrate delivery of quality training outcomes for clients in the manner best suited to its own business environment. 

TAC has established an Education Program which aims to provide specialised professional development opportunities that deliver practical information to support business improvements and compliance practices. The program includes an extensive range of practical workshops, a suite of support information including a Users' Guide to the Standards for RTOs, frequently asked questions and Fact Sheets to explain, and provide guidance about, the intent of the Standards. These reference materials, including a list of professional development opportunities, recordings and resources of previous workshops, is available here.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the Standards further, you are encouraged to contact the TAC Secretariat.


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