Council members

The members of the Training Accreditation Council are appointed by the Minister for Education and Training. The Council Chair serves a term of five years and each member serves a three year term.


Mr Ian Hill (Chairman)

Mr Hill has had experience as a senior executive within the training sector, having previously held the position of Chief Executive, Department of Training. Mr Hill has played a leadership role at both state and national level in the development of the Vocational Education and Training system. Mr Hill is a strong advocate for the flexible delivery of education, life-long learning and global education and training.

Miss Janelle Dawson

Managing Director/Principal, Sterling Business College Pty Ltd. Miss Dawson has a strong industry focus with around 30 years' experience in the education and training sector. She has practical experience in the ownership and management of an RTO, with a detailed knowledge and understanding of the VET sector including the standards for registration.


Ms Debra Goostrey

Ms Goostrey has significant experience in the education and training sector in WA and has held a number of senior roles including Executive Officer, Transport and Storage Industry Training Council and CEO, Transport Forum where she had responsibility for a large RTO that provided an extensive program of industry specific training.  Ms Goostrey held the position of CEO of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (WA Division), the peak body for the development industry (2007 to March 2016) and is now Principal of ATEA Consulting.  Ms Goostrey has extensive board experience including as a Trustee Director of a large industry superannuation fund, a member of the Land Surveyors Licensing Board and is the immediate past Chair of the Advisory Board for the School of Economics and Finance at Curtin University.  

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​Mr Neil Fernandes

Mr Fernandes has over 25 years' experience in the VET sector and is a strong advocate for education and training in Western Australia. Mr Fernandes was the Managing Director of Central Institute of Technology from 2005 until April 2016, a public training provider. He has held a number of senior executive roles, including the Deputy Director General (Training) in the former Department of Education and Training. In his role as the Managing Director he had responsibility for the leadership and management of the largest public provider in Western Australia, which included an extensive program of training delivery in areas such as engineering, science, technology and art and design. Mr Fernandes has a detailed knowledge and understanding of quality assurance arrangements in the VET sector, along with practical experience in policy, strategy, and the management of a large training provider.​​

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Ms Siobhán Mulvey

Ms Mulvey has significant experience in the VET sector for the Western Australian government, including over 20 years in senior executive and management roles that included responsibility for academic leadership and best practice across the publicly and privately funded VET sectors. The roles also included responsibility for funding and performance of TAFE colleges; policy development, research and evaluation; and corporate communications and marketing for the State Government school and training systems. Ms Mulvey also has experience in private enterprise having previously held the role of Rio Tinto General Manager HR, Training and Development and HR Planning and Capability and a Partner with Black House Consulting. Ms Mulvey is currently the Executive Director, Workforce and Organisational Development, Health Support Services.

Untitled.jpgMs Louise Hillman

Ms Hillman has significant experience in the VET sector in Western Australia (WA) including over 30 years in the public, private and community sectors. Ms Hillman's experience covers a broad range of roles including training administration, course development, compliance and training delivery in both the TAFE and private sectors. Ms Hillman is located in a regional area within WA and currently works part time for a community based private RTO. Ms Hillman has an understanding of regulatory arrangements in the VET sector and also has practical management experience within an RTO.

Ms Jill Jamieson

Ms Jamieson has significant experience in the VET sector in WA including over 15 years in senior executive and management roles including Managing Director, Polytechnic West (eastern metropolitan TAFE campuses). In her role as the Managing Director she had responsibility for the leadership, management and operation of a large public training provider. Other VET executive roles held include General Manager, Challenger Institute of Technology, and Director, Teaching and Learning, Swan TAFE. Ms Jamieson’s experience includes a detailed understanding of quality assurance arrangements in the VET sector, the practical implementation of national and state government VET policy settings and responding to the workforce development needs across a wide range of industry sectors. Ms Jamieson also has extensive governance experience in both executive and non-executive roles, and is currently a non-executive director of two not for profit organisations.

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