Stage 6: Ongoing monitoring & evaluation

Course owners are required to identify ongoing monitoring and evaluation processes at the time of developing the course. 

Over time, feedback from students, graduates, industry and employers may indicate a need for change. There may be changes to workplace practices or new technology may be introduced. Regulatory/licensing or legislative requirements may change. National policy relating to assessment and/or delivery may also change. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation provide opportunities for a review of the currency and relevance of the course and identify improvements to the course.

Course owners are required to inform TAC of any changes to the course arising from ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Some changes are minor and do not affect the course outcomes. Other changes are significant and alter the course outcomes, which may require the reaccreditation of the course.

The ACC2 Application for Amendment to Accredited Course​ form must be used to advise TAC of proposed changes to an accredited course.

TAC conducts a survey of course owners to confirm that evaluation of courses has been conducted and any superseded and/or deleted units have been removed or updated. The survey will be forwarded to course owners on a biennial basis. The first survey will be available from 1 July 2019, with responses to be submitted by 30 September 2019.


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