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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Employers and industry should expect high quality training and assessment from registered training organisations (RTOs). A key function of the Training Accreditation Council (TAC) is to ensure that training providers operate within the national quality assurance arrangements to meet employer an​d industry expectations. ​​​

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Student records verification

Third parties (such as employers) can request to verify student's certification records to confirm that documents such as qualifications or statement of attainments are valid.  Requests should be made by contacting the issuing RTO directly. All RTO contact details can be found on the myskills website.

From January 2015, RTOs have been required to submit National VET Provider Collections training data. This data includes a student’s Unique Student Identifier (USI). Training that students completed after January 2015 can be verified against the student's USI Transcript.  Students can access and download their USI Transcript on the USI website.

If the RTO that issued the certification is no longer operating, TAC may be able to verify student's certification records, provided that the RTO was registered with TAC, submitted its student records to the TAC when it closed and the third party has the student's approval.

Third parties requesting TAC to verify a student’s certification must complete the Records Verification form and submit it to the TAC Secretariat via email tac@dtwd.wa.gov.au or via the post/delivery details on the form.

TAC cannot provide an extract of the records to a third party, it can only verify whether the evidence provided matches the student records information TAC was provided when the RTO ceased operations.

Student records verification checklist

Student records verification process - flowchart

1. Was the training completed before January 2015?

If it was after January 2015 - the student should download their USI transcript from the USI website.

2. Has the RTO ceased operating?

To check visit myskills website and search for the RTO.

If it's still operating - contact the RTO directly.

3. Was the RTO registered with TAC?

To check visit the training.gov.au website and search for the RTO and check their Registration page.

If it wasn't registered with TAC - contact the Regulator listed.

4. Has the student approved to have their certification documents verified?

5. If the answer was 'yes' to all four questions above, complete the student records verification form. 

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