Changes to Course Accreditation

Changes to Course Accreditation




Changes to Course Accreditation


The Training Accreditation Council (TAC or Council) accredits courses in line with the requirements of the AQTF2007 Standards for Accredited Courses. Accredited courses play an important role in meeting skills requirements and needs not addressed by nationally endorsed training packages.


The Council recently conducted a review of its course accreditation arrangements. The purpose of the review was to improve aspects of course accreditation processes, with a focus on providing course developers and course owners with further guidance and clarification in regard to the following processes:

· industry support for accredited courses;

· course monitoring and evaluation; and

· use of modules.


The review was informed by the following:

· current design standards for course accreditation, the AQTF2007 Standards for Accredited Courses;

· Council of Australian Governments Industry and Skills Council (CISC) recommendations of the Review of the alignment between the Standards for Accredited Courses and Standards for Training Packages;

· discussions with key stakeholders; and

·  direct feedback from course owners.


Outcomes of the review focussed on three main areas and course developers and course owners are requested to note the following changes:


1.    Industry support for accredited courses

Industry consultation undertaken in the course development stage must demonstrate industry need for the proposed course.


There is an expectation that consultation and support for a course is sought from a range of industry stakeholders that are independent of the course owner and have a stake in the outcomes produced by the proposed course. Evidence may include letters of support and validation of outcomes against industry skill requirements.

Additional industry support requirements contained within the application stage will take effect for all courses submitted on or after 1 May 2019.


2.    Monitoring and evaluation

The AQTF2007 Standards for Accredited Courses requires course owners to monitor and evaluate their courses during the accreditation period to ensure courses remain current and relevant.


A survey will be forwarded to course owners on a biennial basis to confirm that evaluation of the course has been conducted and any superseded and/or deleted units have been removed or updated.

The first survey will be available from 1 July 2019, with responses to be submitted by 30 September 2019.


3.    Modules within accredited courses

Modules are referred to in the AQTF2007 Standards for Accredited Courses and can only be included where the course proponent must establish to the satisfaction of the course accrediting body, prior to development, that it is not possible to develop appropriate competency standards.


Modules must be approved by the VET Regulator prior to course submission and should only be used when all other avenues have been exhausted.


From 1 May 2019, course owners seeking to incorporate modules within accredited courses will be required to submit an Application to Develop Modules form prior to course development and prior to course submission.

If approval is granted to proceed with modules, a Module Template is to be submitted with the course accreditation application for each module.


Course owners who believe the changes may impact any upcoming course applications may discuss their concerns with the TAC Secretariat.

Further information is available via the TAC website and TAC course accreditation webinar presentations or contact the TAC Secretariat directly - phone 9224 6510 or email


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