Special Bulletin - Changes to Regulatory Processes

Special Bulletin - Changes to Regulatory Processes

Changes to TAC Regulatory Processes Effective 1 March 2017

The Training Accreditation Council’s (TAC) risk-based approach focuses on timely identification and management of RTOs deemed to pose the highest risk to quality training outcomes, while allowing RTOs with a consistent track record of compliance to operate with reduced regulatory scrutiny.


TAC will introduce changes to regulatory processes to reflect its risk-based approach to targeted, proportionate and timely regulation as published in the Risk Framework and Annual Regulatory Strategy 2016-2017.


The changes are outlined below, and apply to audits conducted on or after 1 March 2017.


Council response to non-compliance

Previously, if an RTO was non-compliant at an audit, regulatory processes provided the RTO with the opportunity (20 working days) to submit rectification evidence before TAC considers the outcome of the audit.


From 1 March 2017, if an RTO is non-compliant at an audit with significant or critical levels of non-compliance, TAC will find that the RTO is non-compliant, and:

a)    propose to reject (for applications) or, propose to sanction the RTO; and

b)    provide the applicant/RTO with 20 working days to respond to the Council’s proposal and provide any supporting evidence for review.


TAC will then consider an appropriate regulatory response. In making a decision, TAC will take into account:

·         the RTO’s history of compliance and deployment of quality systems;

·         the outcomes of the evidence review; and

·         any information provided by the RTO in its response to the proposed action to reject or               sanction.


If an RTO is non-compliant at an audit with minor non-compliance, TAC will provide the RTO with an opportunity to address non-compliances without the proposal to reject or sanction.


An RTOs’ rights to procedural fairness are not affected by this change in regulatory process.



Please contact the TAC Secretariat on 9441 1910 or email tac@des.wa.gov.au should you wish to discuss the changes to regulatory process.

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