Strategic Industry Audit into Units of Competency that lead to High Risk Work Licences in Western Australia




The Training Accreditation Council (the Council) has published the final report of its Strategic Industry Audit (SIA) into units of competency that lead to High Risk Work Licences (HRWL) in Western Australia.


The SIA was initiated by the Council in response to industry concerns that training and assessment practices were not sufficiently robust to give industry confidence in training and assessment outcomes.


The SIA examined HRWL training in dogging, rigging, scaffolding, elevated work platforms and crane operations, and the results of the audits found that 30% of RTOs in the audit sample were fully compliant, 70% were non-compliant with one or more of the Standards, and of these, 35% were found to be significantly or critically non-compliant.


The outcomes of the SIA are entirely unacceptable for the Council, industry and, most importantly, the workers who were training to operate in these high risk work environments.


The Council has made eight recommendations in response to the outcomes of the SIA. These recommendations focus on:

  • monitoring of on-going compliance of RTOs,
  • the need to consider review of the units of competency in terms of practical experience and assessment requirements,
  • collaboration with relevant agencies to provide information to relevant stakeholders about outcomes to be expected from HRWL training, and
  • the opportunity for the Council to further explore options to reduce timeframes to remove non‑compliant providers from the sector.

The Council would like to thank and acknowledge SIA Reference Group members, technical advisors and RTOs for their co-operation, assistance and participation in the SIA.


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Last modified: 30/10/2019 12:43 PM