Special Bulletin - TAC Annual Regulatory Strategy 2018-2019

Special Bulletin - TAC Annual Regulatory Strategy 2018-2019





TAC Annual Regulatory Strategy 2018-2019


Quality vocational education and training (VET) outcomes are fundamental to the development of a skilled workforce.  The Training Accreditation Council’s (TAC) primary role as a VET regulator is to assure the quality of training services delivered in the VET sector in Western Australia through the effective regulation of providers and accredited courses.


TAC’s Risk Framework applies appropriate and proportionate regulatory responses at two levels – provider risk and systemic risk, enabling a focus on RTOs or sectors deemed to pose the highest risk to quality training outcomes.


TAC’s Annual Regulatory Strategy is developed in line with the Standards for VET Regulators 2015, aimed at ensuring the integrity of nationally recognised training “…using a risk-based approach that is consistent, effective, proportional, responsive and transparent.” (p4).


The Annual Regulatory Strategy 2018-2019 informs stakeholders about the priorities that TAC has agreed to focus its regulatory efforts on during the period. These priorities are detailed in the TAC Annual Regulatory Strategy 2018-2019.


Risks to the quality of VET outcomes are assessed on an ongoing basis. Newly identified risks may be considered and actioned in addition to those published in the 2018-2019 document.


Click here to view the TAC Risk Framework.


Click here to view the TAC Annual Regulatory Strategy 2018-2019.


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