Special Bulletin - Transition to Electronic Communication

Special Bulletin - Transition to Electronic Communication




Transition to electronic communication



The Training Accreditation Council (TAC) is moving towards electronic communication.


From 1 June 2019, TAC will email all correspondence to RTOs, with the following exceptions where hard copies will continue to be posted:

  • registration and re-registration certificates
  • accreditation and re-accreditation certificates
  • when TAC applies a sanction against an RTO’s registration

Correspondence will be emailed to the Legally Responsible Person and the Registration Contact as listed on the National Register, www.training.gov.au.


Please ensure that details for these contacts are current. If any updates to contact details are required, complete an RTO4 form which can be accessed by logging into the RTO Portal.


To ensure that emails sent from TAC are received, please ensure that email servers and/or security firewalls:

  • allow messages of 10MB minimum to be received; and
  • do not trap messages in the spam filter by adding tac@dtwd.wa.gov.au to your contacts or address book.

If there are genuine reasons why you are unable to receive electronic communication from TAC, need assistance accessing the RTO Portal, or would like further information, please contact the TAC Secretariat by telephone on 08 9224 6510 or email tac@dtwd.wa.gov.au by 31 May 2019.




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