TAC Regulatory Response Strategy - Third Party Arrangements

TAC Regulatory Response Strategy - Third Party Arrangements





TAC Regulatory Response Strategy - Third Party Arrangements


As part of the Training Accreditation Council’s (TAC or Council) risk management approach to regulation, risks to the quality of vocational education and training outcomes are considered on an ongoing basis. In line with the Council’s Risk Framework, stakeholders are informed about the Council’s regulatory focus areas via its Annual Regulatory Strategy.


The Council’s 2018-2019 Annual Regulatory Strategy has identified third party arrangements as an area of growing concern. Issues that have come to the attention of the Council include:


·         RTOs not disclosing third parties;

·         a lack of formalised agreements between the parties; and

·         RTOs’ understanding of what constitutes a third party arrangement.


The Annual Regulatory Strategy advises TAC’s continued monitoring of compliance involving third parties and that a regulatory response strategy will be undertaken.


Planning for the regulatory response strategy has commenced. To inform the strategy, information is being collated in relation to third party arrangements. This data collection phase includes seeking stakeholder views via consultation sessions and surveying TAC RTOs via an on‑line survey.


Stakeholders will be contacted shortly to arrange consultation meetings and TAC RTOs will soon receive a link to a short, on-line survey.


The TAC Fact Sheet: Third Party Arrangements provides guidance on third party arrangements as required under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.


Should you have any queries regarding third party arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact the TAC Secretariat directly on 9224 6510 or tac@dtwd.wa.gov.au.



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