TAC Update - Issue 33 - July 2015

TAC Update - Issue 33 - July 2015



Issue 33 - July 2015


Compliance Recognition Program

The Compliance Recognition Program (CR Program) has recently been introduced by the Training Accreditation Council (the Council). The program is designed to provide RTOs that consistently demonstrate compliance, a degree of flexibility by removing the requirement for RTOs to submit applications or fees to the Council for amendment activity to their scope of registration.


To participate in the CR Program, the Council will invite RTOs that meet the following eligibility criteria:


·         have been registered for a minimum of five (5) years;

·         registration has been renewed by the Council with no non-compliances identified at audit                 (this does not include compliance demonstrated through rectification actions); or

·         the RTO has had its registration renewed by the Council with minor non-compliances and                 has demonstrated full compliance at subsequent audits; and

·         there are no regulatory concerns or regulatory actions being taken by the Council against                 the RTO.


The granting of participation in the CR Program by the Council does not indicate or imply that the RTO is of a higher standard or of a lower risk than other RTOs.


Participation in the CR Program will be for a period of up to five years, subject to ongoing satisfactory performance and compliance with the Standards for RTOs, AQF and requirements of registration as an RTO under the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996, and will be aligned to an RTOs renewal of registration. The Council maintains discretion in selecting RTOs to participate in the CR Program and may remove participation at any time. 


Invitations to take part in the program have been distributed to the initial cohort of RTOs who were eligible to participate. Going forward, RTOs eligibility will be assessed upon completion of their renewal of registration applications.  


For further information on the CR Program, please visit the TAC website or contact Kathy Keay at the TAC Secretariat on 08 9441 1987 or Kathy.keay@des.wa.gov.au.



Reminder: RTO Reporting Requirements

It is a requirement of registration with TAC that RTOs comply with mandatory reporting requriements. These reporting requirements include Quality Indicator Data and Client Qualification Register (CQR) Data. RTOs that have not submitted data by the required due date are not demonstrating compliance with the Standards for RTOs and penalties may apply.


2014 Learner and Employer Survey data was due 30 June and CQR data for the January - June 2015 reporting period falls due 31 July 2015.


For further information, due dates and step-by-step instructions, please refer to the RTO Reporting Requirements fact sheet available here.



Reminder: Expiry of Transition Period for RII09 Training Package

In July 2014, the Training Accreditation Council agreed to a six month extension of the 12 month transition and teach-out period for the RII09 Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package. The extension was to allow time for a review of the Assessment Requirements of the RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package by the SkillsDMC National Industry Skills Council. SkillsDMC completed the review during December 2014, and RTOs are reminded

that the extended transition period for RII09 ended on 14 May 2015.

For further details on the outcome of the review, please visit the SkillsDMC website.







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