TAC Update - Issue 34 - November 2015

TAC Update - Issue 34 - November 2015




Issue 34 - November 2015


Maximum registration period increased from five to seven years

Following an amendment to the Vocational Education and Training Regulations (General) 2009, the Training Accreditation Council can now 

grant a maximum registration period of seven years. 


As a result, any application for initial or renewal of registration approved by the Council after 28 August 2015 may result in the RTO being registered for seven years. This is not guaranteed - the Council will continue to exercise its discretion when determining each provider’s period of registration.The change does not apply retrospectively – there will be no increase to the existing registration period of any RTO that had its application approved before 28 August 2015. However, the new maximum will apply the next time the RTO applies to renew its registration.


The increase in registration period will assist in further reducing the regulatory burden on providers within the sector.



Addition of new training products 

When a new or revised training package is released, TAC identifies all qualifications and units of competency that have been determined by the relevant Industry Skills Council as being ‘equivalent’ to the superseded product. Only equivalent products will be automatically added to your scope of registration without requiring an application or a fee.


Training products that are deemed non-equivalent require the RTO to lodge an application to add the product to their registration. Applicable fees will apply.


Removal of superseded training products and removed / deleted qualifications

In line with the Standards for VET Regulators 2015, TAC will now automatically delete superseded training products, one year from the date a training product is superseded or two years after a qualification is removed or deleted from a training package (Clause 1.6).

RTOs will receive an email outlining what training products have been removed from the RTOs registration.

If RTO receives public funding:

Where an RTO receives public funding the RTO will receive an email outlining what training products will be removed from the RTOs registration. The RTO will be provided with a timeframe for advising if the removal of any training products will affect any funding arrangements. If the RTO requires training products to remain on its registration, it is then the responsibility of the RTO to remove the training product. If the training product is not removed accordingly this may affect the RTOs annual fees.

PLEASE NOTE: Further information on managing learner transition from superseded training products is available on the TAC Website:



Skill Sets

The Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 recognise training package defined skill sets as nationally recognised training products. RTO’s scope on training.gov.au has been automatically updated to reflect an RTO’s capacity to deliver skills sets, based on the RTO’s implicit and explicit scope items.

Training.gov.au determines implicit skill set registration by collating:

·         units of competency recorded on training.gov.au as core and named electives within the                 qualifications on your scope of registration, and

·         units of competency recorded on training.gov.au within your RTO’s explicit unit of                 competency registration.


From 2 September, training.gov.au displays implicit skill set registration on the ‘Scope’ tab of an RTO’s record when the ‘Include implicit scope’ option is selected.


The Training Accreditation Council does not currently allow RTOs to apply for skill set registration. If an RTO wishes to deliver a skill set, which is not on its implicit skill set scope, the RTO is required to apply for the individual units of competency that make up the skill set. The application will be processed as per the amendment to registration application process and fees will apply.


Creation of the Department of Education and Training Website

The Industry and Skills Council Advisory Committee was established within the Department of Industry in 2014 to take over the functions of the National Skills Standard Council (NSSC). 


The Industry and Skills Council Advisory Committee has now become part of the newly formed Department of Education and Training. 


All key information from the Department of Industry website has now been transitioned to http://www.education.gov.au


Planning for 2016/Christmas Shutdown

RTOs are encouraged to ensure planning for delivery in 2016 is managed in advance and that they have allowed an appropriate timeframe for the processing of new training products to their scope of delivery.


In managing your arrangements, please be mindful that the Secretariat will be closed from 4.30pm, Thursday 24 December 2015 and will reopen 8.30am, Monday 4 January 2016.



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