TAC Update - Issue 37 - February 2016

TAC Update - Issue 37 - February 2016




Issue 37 - February 2016


2016 WA Training Awards

The Council is supporting the 2016 WA Training Awards, by sponsoring the WA Trainer of the Year catergory.


The Awards recognise and reward individuals and organisations that have excelled in vocational education and training – from apprentices, trainees and vocational students, to training professionals, training providers and employers committed to the training and development of their staff.


There are a number of award categories and people and organisations from across Western Australia and from all areas of training are encouraged to nominate for the Awards.


The Council is proud to support the WA Trainer of the Year category and encourages all RTOs to promote the awareness of the Awards within their organisations and colleagues within the vocational education and training sector.


For more information or to register your interest, go online to http://www.dtwd.wa.gov.au/trainingawards or telephone (08) 6551 5608.


Nominations close on Friday May 13, 2016 and the Awards will be announced at a presentation ceremony to be held in Perth on 23 September 2016.


The 2016 WA Training Awards are coordinated by the Department of Training and Workforce Development and the State Training Board.


AVETMISS Reporting

A friendly reminder that the deadline for submission of 2015 AVETMISS data is 2.30pm (WST) 29 February 2016.


Please ignore this reminder, if your RTO has already submitted AVETMISS data, or your RTO reports via a State Training Authority (STA) and you have provided your 2015 training activity data to them, including any fee-for-service activity.


If you are having difficulties validating or submitting your data, please contact the NCVER Client Support team either by phone on 08 8230 8400 or 1800 649 452 or email support@ncver.edu.au.

Please note, no reporting extensions will be available for reporting 2015 AVETMISS data. If your RTO does not have any delivery to report, please advise your Registration Officer via email.


Competency Online Completion System

As every RTO now reports AVETMISS data of its total VET delivery activity, there is no longer a requirement for any RTO to report competency completion quality indicator data to the Competency Online Completion System (CCOS).


RTOs must still complete the other quality indicators, the learner engagement and employer satisfaction surveys.


Certain not-for-profit RTOs who have limited exemptions on security or community service obligation grounds may not be required to submit AVETMISS data. 


Annual Declaration

A policy surrounding the requirement to submit an annual declaration to your regulator (Clause 8.4) is currently being developed by the Training Accrediation Council (TAC) and will be circulated to RTOs once available. Until advised, RTOs are not required to submit an Annual Declaration to TAC. 


RTO Email Scam 

It has been brought to our attention that RTO email addresses, potentially sourced from TGA are being used in an attempt to trick receipients into making a payment at the instruction of the sender. 


These emails, referred to as "email spoofing", appear to be sent from a particular account but have actually been sent by an untrustworthy source. This is a reminder that businesses and individuals need to take necessary precautions when it comes to online email, network and internet security.


If you believe you have been the recipient of such emails, we recommend that you verify the authenticity of the email with the sender through other mediums (e.g. telephone) first before replying. Secondly, report such emails to the appropriate authorities, such as the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network.  




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