TAC Update - Issue 43 - August 2018

TAC Update - Issue 43 - August 2018

Issue 43- August 2018


TAC Fact Sheets – Coming Soon


The Training Accreditation Council will soon be publishing new Fact Sheets on the following topics:


•   Identifying and Meeting Learner Needs
•   Quality Assurance
•   Trainer and Assessor Requirements


The current suite of Fact Sheets will also be updated to reflect current requirements/practices.


A TAC Special Bulletin advising of their publication will be sent out soon.


New RTO Entry Requirements


The Training Accreditation Council has introduced new registration requirements for new entrants to the training market. The new requirements aim to ensure new providers are well placed to provide quality training and assessment services.  Changes to initial registration applications has resulted in some adjustments to renewal of registration and amendment to registration application processes.


A full list of changes and implementation schedule is available on the TAC Website.


Fit and Proper Person Declaration


The Training Accreditation Council has developed a new Fit and Proper Declaration Form. Visit the TAC Website to access the form.

You must make a ‘Fit and Proper Person Declaration’ when the organisation:


• applies for initial registration, or

• applies for renewal of registration as an RTO, or
• employs a new executive officer/s, legally responsible officer, high managerial agent/s or owner/s.

Anyone who manages an RTO including Executive Officers, Legally Responsible Officers, or Owners must satisfy Fit and Proper Person Requirements as outlined in Schedule 3 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and the Vocational Education and Training (General) Regulations 2009.

Meeting the Fit and Proper Person Requirements is a requirement for registration with TAC.


Annual Declaration on Compliance


The Annual Declaration on Compliance for RTOs registered with TAC is due by 30 September 2018 for the 2017/2018 financial year.


RTOs that do not submit an annual declaration by the due date may be deemed to be non-compliant with Clause 8.4 of the Standards for RTOs.


Click here to access the Annual Declaration on Compliance 2017-2018.


Engagement with Stakeholders


Engagement with stakeholders is a key component of the TAC’s Risk Framework and regulatory processes. The exchange of information with stakeholders ensures TAC is informed of issues that impact on the quality of VET  and contributes to greater clarity in the understanding of specific industry issues and concerns. Outcomes of intelligence gathered from stakeholder engagement activities supports risk identification and recommendations for managing those risks.


The Training Accreditation Council has a number of formal and informal arrangements in place that promote effective comunication and cooperation with stakeholders in seeking quality assurance of training and assessment services. For example, Memoranda of Understanding with industry bodies and other regulators assist TAC in meeting industry engagement requirements set out in the Standards for VET Regulators 2015 (Clause 1.11).​


Accredited Course Transparency


On 24 November 2017 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Industry and Skills Council (CISC) endorsed the recommendations of the review of the alignment between the Standards for VET Accredited Courses and Standards for Training Packages.


One of these recommendations was to increase the transparency of accredited courses by publishing additional information on the national register of vocational education and training (training.gov.au), such as the titles and codes of units of competency and modules, as well as a brief description of the course. The substantive course content will not be published.


This additional information will be entered on to the National Register over the coming months by the VET Regulators. If there are accredited courses on your RTO’s scope of registration, you are likely to receive multiple notifications informing you that there has been a change to the course when this additional information is entered.


Ensuring these additional matters are entered on the National Register increases the transparency of accredited course, and enables Unique Student Identifier (USI) transcripts to include information on units of competency/modules. Once the information has been published on the National Register, it will be used to improve the information available on the My Skills website (www.myskills.gov.au), which will enable prospective students and employers to better understand course content and suitability.


For further information, please visit the TAC website.


TGA Website Review


Training.gov.au (TGA) receives over 7 million visits per year and is an authoritative source of information for VET sector users. The TGA team aims to continue to make TGA as effective as possible for users and is undertaking a targeted review seeking feedback on possibilities for improvements.


If you are a TGA user and interested in participating in scheduled user research, please complete the short registration form or contact TGA via the TGA Project mailbox.

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