TAC Update - Issue 46 - March 2019

TAC Update - Issue 46 - March 2019

Issue 46- March 2019


TAC Education Program

Webinar: The Audit Experience: Facts and Fiction

12 March 2019, 10.00am


As part of its 2019 Education Program, TAC is pleased to announce the webinar, The Audit Experience: Facts and Fiction is now open for registration.


Undergoing an audit can be a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be if you are well informed and prepared for the audit.


The aim of this webinar is to provide you with information that will help you to understand why and how the Training Accreditation Council implements the audit process and what you can do to help make the experience a positive one for your organisation.


This webinar is delivered by TAC Auditors and introduces you to information and resources that you can use to help with audit preparations, to participate in the audit effectively, as well as how to approach your audit results. The webinar does not address compliance with the regulatory standards.


Click here to register for the webinar – The Audit Experience: Facts and Fiction


Professional Development Requirements


It is a requirement of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 that all trainers and assessors undertake professional development in the fields of the knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning and assessment including competency based training and assessment.


RTOs need to retain evidence of all relevant professional development that their trainers and assessors undertake to be able to demonstrate compliance with Clause 1.16 of the Standards.


TAC's educative strategies aim to provide specialised professional development opportunities that deliver practical information and support compliance practices.


Click here for the complete TAC 2019 Education Program Calendar.


Trainers and Assessors - Credential Requirements from 1 April 2019


Well-qualified trainers and assessors are pivotal to the success of Australia's VET system. In an important step to ensuring an appropriately skilled VET workforce, changes were made to the Training and Assessment Education Training Package in late 2016. 


These changes are implemented through the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and the revised requirements for trainers and assessors come into effect from 1 April 2019, providing RTOs and practitioners with a lead-time of almost two years to meet the new credential requirements.


The Training Accreditation Council’s Fact Sheet provides guidance on the new credential requirements for trainers and assessors.


Further information is also available from the Australian Government Department of Education and Training’s website, including frequently asked questions, available at www.education.gov.au/trainer-and-assessor-credential-requirements.


TAC Regulatory Response Strategy - Third Party Arrangements


As part of the Training Accreditation Council’s risk management approach to regulation, risks to the quality of vocational education and training outcomes are considered on an ongoing basis. In line with the Council’s Risk Framework, stakeholders are informed about the Council’s regulatory focus areas via its Annual Regulatory Strategy.


The Council’s 2018-2019 Annual Regulatory Strategy has identified third party arrangements as an area of growing concern. Issues that have come to the attention of the Council include:


·  RTOs not disclosing third parties;

·  a lack of formalised agreements between the parties; and

·  RTOs’ understanding of what constitutes a third party arrangement.


The Annual Regulatory Strategy advises TAC’s continued monitoring of compliance involving third parties and that a regulatory response strategy will be undertaken.


Planning for the regulatory strategy has commenced and a TAC Special Bulletin was released recently providing further details.


Change of bank details


As advised in previous TAC Updates, on 1 January 2019, TAC Secretariat staff transferred from the Department of Education to the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD). As a result, our bank account also changed on 1 January 2019.


When making payments, please ensure you use DTWD’s bank details listed at the bottom left of your TAC invoice. The previous account with the Department of Education is no longer in use.


Should you have any payment queries, contact us on 9224 6510, or at tac@dtwd.wa.gov.au.


New Apprenticeship and Traineeship Policy released


The revised policy came into effect on 29 November 2018, and is now available on the Department of Training and Workforce Development’s website.


The new Apprenticeship and Traineeship Policy has been simplified to make it more user friendly for apprentices, trainees, employers, registered training organisations, AASNs, GTOs, students, parents and schools.


Fact sheets can be found on the Apprenticeship Office website.

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