TAC Update - Issue 48 - June 2019

TAC Update - Issue 48 - June 2019

Issue 48 - June 2019


Education Program - The Course Accreditation Process

Wednesday 26 June 2019, 10:00am – 11:30am


As part of its 2019 Education Program, TAC is pleased to offer The Course Accreditation Process webinar presented by TAC Auditor and Course Accreditation Reviewer, Cherrie Hawke.


Accrediting a course within the VET sector is a significant undertaking. The aim of this webinar is to provide you with information that will help you to understand the course accreditation process, including recent changes to TAC’s course accreditation arrangements. This webinar will introduce you to information and resources that you can use to help with each stage of the accreditation process as well as highlight common issues that course developers experience throughout the process.


Click here to view the 2019 TAC Education Program schedule and registration page.


Amendment to Registration Application Requirements


To demonstrate compliance with Clause 1.3c of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, RTOs are required to have sufficient learning resources to enable learners to meet the requirements of each unit of competency. 


RTOs applying to add new training products to their scope must have all learning and assessment materials and resources ready for delivery.


From 1 October 2018 new evidence requirements came in to effect for RTO’s applying to amend their registration.  In addition, a self-assessment tool is available to assist RTOs identify and organise the evidence to support their application.


A TAC Update was issued to RTOs in December 2018 regarding the additional evidence requirements and access to the self-assessment tool.



Annual Declaration on Compliance


From 1 July 2019, TAC registered RTOs can access the Annual Declaration on Compliance for the 2018/2019 financial year here with the Declaration to be submitted by 30 September 2019


Clause 8.4 of the Standards for RTOs requires RTOs to provide TAC with an annual declaration on compliance.


The declaration is in relation to whether the RTO:

  1. currently meets the requirements of the Standards for RTOs across all its scope of registration and if not, action taken or planned to address the non-compliance, and
  2. has met the requirements of the Standards for RTOs all Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) certification documentation issued in the last financial year.

By submitting the annual declaration the RTO's Legally Responsible Person is confirming that:

  • the RTO systematically monitors and evaluates training and assessment strategies and practices; and
  • uses the outcomes of monitoring and evaluation to inform improvements in business and educational practice.

Click here for more information about the Annual Declaration on Compliance 2018-2019.


Accredited Course Owners - Monitoring and Evaluation of Accredited Courses


The AQTF2007 Standards for Accredited Courses requires course owners to monitor and evaluate their courses during the accreditation period to ensure courses remain current and relevant.


A Monitoring and Evaluation of Accredited Courses Survey will be forwarded to course owners on a biennial basis to confirm that evaluation of the course has been conducted and any superseded and/or deleted units have been removed or updated.


The first survey will be available from 1 July 2019, with responses to be submitted by 30 September 2019.



Request For Services – Tender ED18290

Provision of Vocational Education and Training (VET) auspice services to public schools in Western Australia.


In Western Australian public schools, the most common mode of delivery for VET to secondary students is through third party agreements, commonly referred to as auspice agreements, between schools and RTOs. The Department of Education is seeking provision of VET auspice services to public schools across Western Australia. This includes schools in metropolitan, regional and remote areas.


The Department of Education is seeking to establish a Panel of private RTOs for the delivery of VET to public secondary schools through third party (auspice) arrangements.


Tender information and documentation is available here.


Tender closing date: 2:30pm, Wednesday 3 July 2019

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