TAC Update - Issue 52 - February 2020

TAC Update - Issue 52 - February 2020

Issue 52 - February 2020


TAC Education Program 2020


Sessions are filling fast, be sure to hurry in and register for upcoming TAC professional development offerings, including the following events scheduled during February 2020:


The Course Accreditation Process

Webinar – Tuesday 18 February 2020, 10-11am 

Accrediting a course within the VET sector is a significant undertaking. The aim of this webinar is to provide you with information that will help you understand the course accreditation process.


This webinar will introduce you to information and resources that you can use to help with each stage of the accreditation process as well as highlight common issues course developers experience throughout the process.


Assessment Part I - Design and Development of an Assessment System

Workshop and Webinar – Tuesday 25 February 2020, 9am-1pm 

Assessment is a fundamental part of an RTO's operations and an assessment system includes not only the actual materials used directly in conducting assessment, but also policies, procedures and other supporting documents that inform the way assessment is conducted.


This half-day session is part one of a three-part series conducted throughout 2020 with a focus on each stage of the assessment process.  It will provide RTOs with practical and specific information on the design and development of an assessment system with an emphasis on; the fundamentals of competency-based assessment, key drivers of the assessment system, shaping the assessment system and documenting an assessment system.


Attendance can either be in person at the face to face workshop, or online via a webinar. Participants are encouraged to attend all three workshops, if possible, as each session informs those that follow.


Click here to view the full TAC Education Program for 2020, with many sessions now open for registration.



TAC Regulatory Strategy - Heavy Vehicle Training


In line with the Council’s Risk Framework, stakeholders are informed about the Council’s regulatory focus areas via its Focus on Quality: 2019-2021 Regulatory Strategy. The Council has identified the following units leading to heavy vehicle licencing in Western Australia as an area of risk:

  • TLIC3004 Drive heavy rigid vehicle – linked to Heavy Rigid (HR) licence
  • TLIC3005 Drive heavy combination vehicle – linked to Heavy Combination (HC) licence
  • TLIC4006 Drive multi-combination vehicle – linked to Multi Combination (MC) licence


Planning for the monitoring audits endorsed by the Council has commenced. TAC RTOs who deliver these units will be contacted directly by the Secretariat.



Verifying National Recognised Training Certification


Certification for nationally endorsed qualifications and units of competency are recognised and portable across the country—regardless of where they were issued.


Clause 3.5 of the Standards for RTOs outlines requirements to provide credit to students for their prior studies.

Students must not be required to repeat any unit or module in which they have already been assessed as competent, unless a regulatory requirement or licence condition (including an industry licensing scheme) requires this or the student elects to repeat. If a student provides suitable evidence they have successfully completed a unit or module at any RTO, your RTO must provide credit for the unit or module.


Before providing credit on the basis of a qualification or statement of attainment, you should verify the information in the document, including contacting the organisation that issued the document and confirming the content is valid. Alternatively, access the student’s USI transcript online where the student has activated permission for the RTO to do so in the USI Registry System.


The Council has recently become aware of fraudulent activity and would like to remind RTOs of the importance of verifying any documents provided to them for individuals seeking recognition of past study.


If you have concerns that a document may be fraudulent, contact the TAC Secretariat directly on 9224 6510 or tac@dtwd.wa.gov.au.



Reminder - Total VET Activity data for 2019


The collection window for reporting 2019 AVETMISS fee-for-service activity to NCVER closes on 28 February 2020. If you report to a State Training Authority, please confirm deadlines with them as they may be earlier.


If you submitted fee-for-service data to NCVER on a quarterly basis during 2019, you must submit all activity for the full calendar year (January to December 2019) to the annual collection.


For more information and support with AVETMISS validation and submission difficulties please visit the NCVER Website.



Consultations with the VET Workforce


Consultants dandolopartners are seeking trainers, assessors and their managers to participate in online discussion forums running from 3 – 13 February. These forums aim to identify challenges and opportunities for the VET workforce.


Sign-up details:


Reminder – Auskey is being decommissioned


AUSkey has been replaced by a new whole of government digital identity service – myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM).


RTOs will no longer be able to use their AUSkeys to access the USI Registry after 27 March 2020.


Click on this link for more information - AUSkey is changing.



Important Information regarding the Novel Coronavirus


The Australian Government Department of Health has issued national public health advice regarding Novel Coronavirus. 


National public health advice is available on the Australian Department of Health website, including information for RTOs,  students and staff.


The Western Australian Department of Health website has also published important information and fact sheets for parents, students and staff, including a Helpline - 1800 300 243.

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