TAC Update - Issue 62 - May 2021

TAC Update - Issue 62 - May 2021

Issue 62 - May 2021

Welcome to our May edition

As we near the end of the 2020/2021 financial year, the Council has commenced development of its Focus on Quality: TAC Regulatory Strategy 2021-2023. The Strategy is the key mechanism for informing stakeholders about the priorities the Council has identified as posing risks to the quality of VET during the period and the planned regulatory action to monitor and minimise those risks.

Understanding the environment in which the Council operates and having a sound evidence base underpins the Council’s risk approach. A range of sources are used to identify these risks such as:

The TAC Secretariat are currently mid-way through stakeholder consultations to inform the development of the new Strategy. These consultations are critical to its development and are used to inform stakeholders of the jurisdiction and work of the Council, as well as share intelligence on the challenges in the VET sector and risks to the quality of training and assessment.

The Council thanks all those organisations who have met with us so far for their time and expertise. We look forward to meeting with our remaining stakeholders over the next few weeks.

What's in this edition?

  • TAC Education Program
  • Third Party Breakfast Event
  • Focus on quality - Managing Non-compliance
  • Transition Extensions
  • Other important updates

TAC Education Program - upcoming events



4 - Preparing for Audit



2 - Understanding vocational competence, industry currency and trainer and assessor requirements for RTOs

12 - RTO Governance - Driving quality through good RTO business practice

20 - Becoming an RTO Information Session


Click here to view the full TAC Education Program schedule and/or register for an event:

The full list of Education Program recordings and resources is available on the TAC Website

Third Party Breakfast Event

This month, third parties who provide services on behalf of RTOs were invited to a breakfast event to acknowledge the valuable role these organisations play in the delivery of VET and to provide information about TAC and our role as the VET regulator. The event was well attended and the following resources are available to download:

RTOs are able to notify TAC of any third party arrangements by completing the ‘RTO3 Notification of Third Party Agreement’ form which is located under the Application Forms tab in the RTO Portal.

Focus on quality - Managing Non-Compliance

While many RTOs are able to demonstrate compliance at audit, in some instances an Auditor will deem an RTO non-compliant based on the evidence provided.

When a non-compliance has been determined, the Auditor will indicate thoverall level of non-compliance as either; MinorSignificant or Critical. Many factors influence an Auditor’s judgement on assigning an overall level of non-compliance including the impact of the non-compliance on learners, the industry and workplaces, the scale and scope of the RTO

and whether issues identified are systemic or one-off, easily rectified or involve considerable effort.

On receipt of the main audit report, in most instances an RTO will have 20 working days (see audit reporting timelines) to provide rectification evidence to the Auditor. The onus is on the RTO to provide clear and readily interpreted evidence to demonstrate compliance. When evidence is not presented in an organised manner, the risk is that this may lead to non-compliance being reported because the Auditor may not be able to easily draw links between the evidence to the relevant Clause.

More information on managing non-compliance, including examples on how non-compliant findings may be addressed, is available in the Managing Non-Compliances Fact Sheet and in the After the Audit section on the TAC website.

Transition Extensions

At its May 2021 meeting, the Council agreed to extend the transition periods for:

  • Five qualifications from the Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package (CPC) Training Package
  • Five qualifications from the Animal Care and Management (ACM) Training Package 
  • One qualification from the National Water (NWP) Training Package 
  • One qualification from the Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management (AHC) Training Package 
  • One qualification from the Printing and Graphic Arts (ICP) Training Package

A full list of training products approved for an extended transition period is available on the TAC Website.

Other important updates

AISC advice on delivery of first aid

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has issued updated advice regarding the delivery of first aid training.

The updated advice allows RTOs to resume CPR training as per normal training package requirements in areas without community transmission of COVID-19. Flexibility provisions for ‘reasonable adjustment’ remain however, in areas where local community transmission has been reported or when individuals have concerns about breathing into a manikin

All RTOs delivering first aid training must review this advice, which is available in full on the AISC website.

RTOs should also note that the updated first aid units were endorsed on 15 October 2020. As these units are not equivalent, an RTO2 Amendment to Registration application is required to be submitted to TAC.


Industry's role in VET Governance

Industry representation and governance in the VET sector has undergone several transformations in the past and continues to do so in the present.

NCVER have recently released a report titled Industry's role in VET Governance: using international insights to inform new practice which brings together findings using primarily international country comparisons on industry's role in VET over the last decade


VET Student Loans Approved Course Provider

On 27 April 2021, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) opened the next application round for RTOs seeking approval to become a VET Student Loans Approved Course Provider. The round will close on 4 June 2021.

Eligible RTOs interested in becoming a VET Student Loans Approved Course Provider must lodge an expression of interest to receive an application package. Information regarding the application process is available on the DESE website - VET Student Loans


NCVER's No Frills Conference

Since 1992, NCVER’s mid-year conference has been bringing together diverse perspectives in relation to policy and practice from across the VET sector to share, discuss and present on priority issues.

The event will be held fully online from 7-9 July 2021. More information and registration details are available via the NCVER website.

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