TAC Update - Issue 70 - February 2022

TAC Update - Issue 70 - February 2022

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Issue 70 - February 2022

Welcome to the February TAC Update

Welcome back to our first TAC Update for 2022. The next 12 months look to be another eventful year ahead as the VET sector continues to navigate the impact of COVID-19 and meet the challenges of continuing to deliver quality training and assessment in an ever-changing environment. 

To support RTO quality, the Council will continue its commitment to the TAC Education Program and has commenced planning for its offerings in the next financial year. As part of this planning, the Council is seeking feedback from stakeholders on workshop ideas and topics of interest. Further details regarding this survey are provided later in the newsletter.

The Council looks forward to continuing to work with RTOs and VET stakeholders throughout 2022.

What's in this edition?

  • New TAC Members 
  • TAC Education Program
  • Focus on Quality - Notifying TAC of any third party arrangements 
  • RTO survey to inform TAC's Education Program in 2022 - 2023
  • TAC's YouTube Channel - 2021 review
  • Transition Extensions
  • Course Accreditation update
  • AVETMISS data
  • Other important updates

Introducing new TAC Members

In January 2022, the Minister for Education and Training appointed Keryn Carter and Bill Swetman as members of TAC replacing outgoing members Lyn Farrell and Siobhán Mulvey.   
Mrs Carter has over 30 years’ experience in the VET sector and is currently the Principal, WA Academy of Hair and Beauty and Chief Finance Officer and HR Manager for the Volona Group of Companies.
With over 26 years' experience, Mr Swetman has held various senior executive and management roles within the VET sector, including as Managing Director of a regional TAFE college. 
The Council acknowledges the significant contribution of outgoing members and welcomes our new members.

For further information and to find out more about TAC members, please click here

TAC Education Program - upcoming events

February 2022

24 - Making an Assessment Decision

March 2022

14 - Reasonable Adjustment and Inclusive Practice
30 - Becoming an RTO
Click here to view the full TAC Education Program schedule and/or register for an event:
The full list of Education Program recordings and resources is available on the TAC Website

Focus on quality

Third Party Arrangements

Clause 8.3 of the Standards for RTOs outlines the requirement for RTOs to notify TAC of any written agreement entered into for the delivery of services on its behalf.

RTOs are reminded to review their scope of delivery in the RTO Portal regularly and ensure that where a party is providing a service on their behalf that this is listed against the training product. RTOs should notify TAC of any changes by completing the ‘RTO3 Notification of Third Party Agreement’ form which is located under the Application Forms tab in the RTO Portal.
Recent enhancements to the RTO Portal include the automatic expiry of third party arrangements where the completion date has passed. Where an RTO has advised of a completion date to their third party arrangement, they will no longer be required to advise TAC of when the agreement has come to an end, unless the completion date has changed or the agreement has been extended.
The Council has published the following Fact Sheets on Third Party Arrangements:

  • For RTOs - guidance on RTO responsibilities regarding third party arrangements and what constitutes a third party; and
  • For The Third Party – information about the third party's obligations under these arrangements.

If you would like to discuss current or potential third party arrangements, please contact the TAC Secretariat to discuss specific arrangements via email tac@dtwd.wa.gov.au or by phone 9224 6510.

RTO survey to inform TAC's Education Program 2022 - 2023

TAC has commenced planning for the Education Program in 2022 - 2023 and remains committed to providing professional development opportunities that builds capability and quality, encourages continuous improvement and increases RTO understanding of their compliance obligations. 

To support this planning, TAC is interested in hearing from RTO Managers, trainers, assessors and other VET stakeholders on ideas for potential workshops/webinars and topics of interest. 

Stakeholders are encouraged to complete a short 2 minute RTO survey here by the 18 March 2022 to assist TAC to identify targeted professional development opportunities.


TAC's YouTube Channel - 2021 a year in review 

For those who may have missed TAC Education Program initiatives, the most viewed items for 2021 on TAC's YouTube channel are listed below: 
Top 5 items by views:
1. Designing RTO Training and Assessment Strategies – WR*
2. Designing and Using Assessment ToolsWR
3. Understanding Vocational Competence and Industry Currency - WR 
4. Understanding the VET Sector - Animated Clip  
5. The Course Accreditation ProcessWR 
     * Workshop recording with PowerPoint (WR)

Subscribe to TAC's YouTube Channel here to be notified of new items as they become available.

Alternatively, all TAC Education Program support material and professional development opportunities can be found via the TAC website here


Transition Extensions 

 At the 297th and 298th meetings in February 2022, the Council agreed to extend the transition periods for:

  • One qualification from the Transport and Logistics (TLI) Training Package
  • 17 qualifications from the Automotive Retail, Service and Repair (AUR) Training Package
  • 24 qualifications from the Creative Arts and Culture (CUA)Training Package
  • One qualifications from the Property Services (CPP) Training Package
  • Four qualifications from the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical (FBP) Training Package
  • Four qualifications from the Maritime (MAR) Training Package
  • Four qualifications from the Sport, Fitness and Recreation (SIS) Training Package 
  • Five qualifications from the Transport and Logistics (TLI) Training Package
  • 19 qualifications from the Electrotechnology (UEE) Training Package
  • 19 qualifications from the Construction, Plumbing and Services (CPC) Training Package
  • Six qualifications from the Hairdressing and Beauty Service (SHB) Training Package
  • Four qualifications from the Health (HLT) Training Package
  • Three qualifications from the Resources and Infrastructure Industry (RII) Training Package
  • One qualification from the Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking (PMB) Training Package 

A full list of training products approved for an extended transition period is available on the TAC Website.


Course Accreditation updates

Council extended the accreditation period for the following course:

  • 52792WA Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practices to 31 May 2022.



The collection window for direct reporting of 2021 AVETMISS fee-for-service activity is now open and closes 5pm (ACDT) on 28 February 2022.
Reporting instructions for TAC RTOs are available on the TAC website on Total VET Activity here. For assistance with the AVETMISS validation software, RTOs should contact NCVER directly.
RTOs accessing state funding should contact DTWD via training.markets@dtwd.wa.gov.au  with enquiries regarding submission of AVETMISS data, as the requirements differ for training delivered under funding agreements.

Other important updates

Skills Reform update

The Commonwealth Government's Department of Education, Skills and Employment has released the Consultation draft of the VET Workforce Quality Strategy.
Earlier this year DESE published consultation feedback on the VET Workforce Quality Strategy Phase 2 Consultation. The draft Strategy is being revised to reflect this feedback prior to presentation to Skills Ministers. Click here for the full article.  

Transition of First Aid units of competency 

At their 1 December 2021 meeting, the AISC noted extended transition periods for superseded first aid units to 14 April 2022 to allow time for Skills Service Organisations and Industry Reference Committees to update all training products that import first aid units to reflect current versions. For further information refer to the ASIC Communique.

Latest NCVER Reports

NCVER have released a number of new reports including:

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