Add new items to scope

​​​​RTOs can add new units of competency, qualifications, or nationally accredited courses to their current scope of registration by applying to TAC through the  RTO Portal

RTOs cannot offer, deliver or assess any of the proposed qualifications, units of competency, or accredited courses until the amendment application has been approved by TAC.

RTOs must pay a fee when applying for an amendment to scope.  Refer to the TAC fees and charges schedule for details.  

To add TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment there are specific evidence requirements. For further information click here.

Overview of application process

When your application is received, a desktop review will be undertaken to determine if further information is required. A risk assessment will determine whether an audit is necessary.

Qualifications, units of competency or courses added to an RTO's scope of registration without an audit being conducted may be subject to audit at any subsequent Standards for RTOs  2015 audit of the RTO.

The application process flowchart - amendment to registration provides further details of the process for an amendment to registration application.


Audit process

Here is some further information about the audit process for amendment to registration applications.


Delivery of Skills Sets

A skill set is a grouping of one or more endorsed units of competency from a training package which meet a specific licensing/regulatory requirement or a defined industry need.  Training Package Skill Sets are a non endorsed component of training packages eg TAESS00011 Assessor Skill Set. RTOs or other organisations may design other skill sets to meet government priorities and/or local industry need, eg the WA State Government’s Business Ready skill set.

To deliver a skill set, RTOs will need to ensure that they have all unit/s of competency that make up the skill set on their scope of registration, either explicit* or implicit*, and these units are reflected in the RTO’s learning and assessment strategies.  Where an RTO does not have all the units of competency on scope that make up the skill set, the RTO will need to add the unit/s of competency to their current scope of registration by applying to TAC to amend their scope via the RTO Portal.

*Units of competency on an RTO's scope of registration can either be:

  • explicit - units of competency listed individually; or
  • implicit - core or listed elective units of competency contained within a qualification

Standalone delivery of imported units of competency

If an RTO has a qualification on its scope of registration, that RTO can offer, deliver and issue statements of attainment for units of competency that are listed in the packaging rules for that qualification, these units of competency are on the RTO’s implicit scope.

Units of competency that are not named as core or listed electives in the packaging rules for that qualification (i.e. imported units), cannot be offered on a standalone basis. These units must be added to an RTO's explicit scope of registration separately.


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