Change of registering body

When an RTO changes its operations in relation to providing delivery and/or assessment services, the regulation of that RTO will transfer between TAC, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) or the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) as determined by the RTO's operational change, noting the transfer cannot occur until non-compliance issues, outstanding fees, and/or any other regulatory matter is resolved.


RTOs registered with ASQA that change delivery and/or assessment services to domestic students in Western Australia and/or Victoria only means the RTO can no longer be regulated by ASQA and will be required to transfer to TAC or the VRQA.


Equally, an RTO registered with TAC that intends to offer training and assessment services in other States or Territories (other than Western Australia and Victoria), or to international students on a student visa must advise TAC prior to the change occurring. This change in business circumstances means that the RTO can no longer be regulated by TAC and will be required to transfer to ASQA.


To initiate a transfer from TAC to ASQA or VRQA, you are required to complete the RTO8 Advice of Intention to Transfer to ASQA Form and submit to TAC with evidence that supports the request, including letters of support from clients.


The TAC Secretariat will consider the information provided to determine if the RTO no longer meets the requirements to be registered with TAC. If this is established, and there are no outstanding regulatory issues, the advice of the RTO's intention to transfer will be submitted to ASQA or VRQA for consideration.


TAC will continue to regulate the provider until the ASQA or VRQA makes its decision on the application to transfer.


Note RTOs must monitor ongoing eligibility of the RTO to remain regulated by either TAC, ASQA or VRQA.



Last modified: 29/06/2020 2:54 PM