Renewal of registration

An application for renewal of registration must be submitted to TAC prior to the end of the RTO's registration period. It is recommended you submit your application at least four months prior to expiry to allow sufficient time for review and processing. TAC sends a reminder letter six months prior.

In order to maintain registration, RTOs must comply with the Standards for​ Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015​​ on an ongoing basis and operate in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996 (WA). It is your responsibility to ensure continuity of registration.

Application process

To renew registration with TAC, you are required to:

You can submit your application for renewal of registration through the RTO Portal.

When your application is received, a desktop review is undertaken to determine if further information is required. It is at this stage the invoice for the renewal of registration application assessment fee will be sent to the applicant for payment.​ TAC will not continue to progress your application until this invoice is paid in full. ​

Once the TAC Secretariat has determined that the application requirements have been met, and the assessment fee has been paid, a risk assessment will determine whether an audit is necessary.

This flowchart provides further details on the process.

Audit process

Please see our audit process for renewal of registration applications for further information on TAC audits.


Approval process

If the the application for renewal of registration is approved by the Council, your organisation will be approved for registration for up to 7 years and  the registration details will be updated on the National Register on VET at The TAC Secretariat will send the organisation a certificate of registration and letter, which outlines the units of competency/qualifications/accredited courses that your organisation is registered to deliver.

If the application is not approved, TAC will notify you in writing.


Extension of registration

If an application for renewal of registration is lodged at least four months before the expiry date, registration will continue automatically until the application is decided.



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