Client initiated audits

When the Training Accreditation Council (TAC) Secretariat receives an application, it will undertake a desktop review to determine if further information is required. The TAC Secretariat will then conduct a risk assessment to determine whether an audit is necessary.

The type and scope of the audit conducted will depend upon the purpose of the audit (i.e. initial registration audit, amendment to scope audit or renewal of registration audit).

If a site audit is required, it may occur at one or more of the applicant's venues. The application will be assessed against the Standards for​ Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015​​​ across the scope of delivery applied for.

If significant or critical levels of non-compliance is demonstrated at audit, the Council will;
  • find the applicant/RTO is non-compliant;

  • propose to reject the application or propose to apply sanctions to the RTO’s registration; and

  • provide the applicant with 20 working days to respond to the Council’s proposal and provide any supporting evidence for review.
If minor non-compliance is demonstrated at audit, the Council will provide the applicant/RTO with an opportunity to address non-compliances without the proposal to reject or proposal to apply sanctions to the RTO’s registration.

Audit processes:

Audit process flowchart - desk audit
Audit process flowchart - site audit

If the application is approved, the Council will send the applicant confirmation of approval and the National Register on VET at will be updated to reflect the RTO's new delivery.

If the application is not approved,​ the Council will notify the organisation in writing of its decision.

For assistance in preparing for an audit, refer to how to prepare for an au​dit against the Standards for RTOs 2015


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