Consultants at Audits

During an audit, the Auditor is required to assess how the systems the RTO has implemented, or intends to implement, meet the requirements of the Standards. Through this process the Auditor also has the opportunity to assess staff's understanding of these systems.  Many RTOs or applicants engage consultants to help prepare for a TAC audit. For the Auditor to be confident that an RTO has the capacity to meet the requirements for registration, the interaction at the audit must be between the Auditor and the RTO, not the consultant.

A consultant may attend an audit to provide support to the RTO. However, unless the consultant has been delegated the authority by the RTO's Legally Responsible Person and will undertake the role on an ongoing basis for the RTO, the consultant cannot:

  • provide responses to the auditor on behalf of the provider; or
  • enter into discussions regarding the conduct, progress or findings of the audit.

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