Compliance Achieved

Initial / Renewal

If TAC approves an RTO's registration, correspondence advising of registration will include a certificate of registration and an outline of the RTO's scope of registration.  The RTO's details will also be published on the national VET register

Registration as an RTO under the Standards for RTOs indicates that the RTO complies with nationally agreed standards for the quality of training, delivery, assessment and recognition, and contributes to community confidence in the products and services that the RTO provides.

Unless otherwise stated by TAC:

  • initial registrations are approved for a period of 2 years; and
  • renewal of registrations are approved for a period of 7 years. 


If TAC approves an amendment to registration application, the RTO will receive correspondence outlining the additional training products that have been added to the RTO's scope of registration.

The RTO's details on the national VET register will be updated accordingly.

Last modified: 16/02/2021 3:15 PM