Disputes and Appeals

Disputing Audit Findings

On reading the audit report, RTOs or applicants may at times consider that the audit findings contained in the report are not an accurate reflection of what was presented to the Auditor or observed by the Auditor. RTOs are able to dispute the audit findings provided they do so within five working days of receipt of the audit report.

In the first instance, RTOs or applicants are encouraged to seek clarification from the Auditor regarding the audit findings. At times this clarification can remove any confusion or misunderstandings.

If the clarification has not provided a resolution, the RTO or applicant must contact the Manager Regulation if they intend disputing an audit finding. A dispute can then be lodged using the TAC Dispute of Audit Findings form below to the Manager Regulation. More information on disputing an audit is available in the Dispute of Audit Findings Policy and Procedure.

To lodge a dispute, complete the TAC Dispute of Audit Findings form below and forward by email to tac@dtwd.wa.gov.au, Attention: Manager Regulation.

The impact of a dispute on the evidence review period will vary, depending on the nature of the dispute. Disputes of a large or complex nature may affect the established evidence review timeframe. Should this occur, the Manager Regulation will determine a new evidence review timeframe and inform the applicant/RTO in writing.


Appealing a Council Decision

If you are dissatisfied with a Council decision and believe the Council has erred in its application of, or failed to apply criteria or procedures as outlined in the Council's established policies and procedures you may choose to lodge an appeal.

Appeals must be lodged in writing to the State Training Board within 21 calendar days from the date you were notified of the decision.

More information on appealing a Council decision is available in the Appealing a Council Decision Information Sheet.

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