What to Expect During the Audit

The following is a guide on what to expect at a site audit:

The audit will commence with an entry interview to be conducted by the lead Auditor, who introduces the audit team and outlines the audit process and the anticipated schedule for the audit. At this meeting, you will be able to provide the audit team with a snapshot of your business, such as the scope of delivery, number of students, modes of delivery, staffing, facilities, client groups, special features, etc.

During the audit, the Auditor will ask a series of questions and review evidence relating to your organisation's outcomes and delivery of nationally recognised training in line with the Standards for RTOs.  More information on the storage of records and keeping records for auditing purposes is available in the Fact Sheet - Records Management.

The audit may also include observation of training delivery and/or assessment and discussions with students, staff and end user clients such as employers. The Auditor may also identify opportunities for improvement.

For an initial registration audit, the Auditor will look for evidence that required systems, processes and training and assessment resources are in place. 

The Auditor will take notes during the audit to assist with the preparation of an audit report. These notes may be in hard copy or electronic format.

The audit will conclude with an exit interview with relevant staff. At this meeting, the Auditor will provide an overview of the audit findings and allow you the opportunity to ask questions. The Auditor will also explain what happens after the site audit. You may make notes, but you will not be given a written report at the exit meeting. The Auditor will inform the RTO or applicant that the information provided at the exit meeting is a preliminary assessment only, and that the official audit report, provided by TAC , will include more comprehensive information on the audit findings.

On conclusion of the audit, the Auditor will ask you to acknowledge that you have been provided with the following:

  • an overview of the preliminary audit findings;
  • any strengths that may have been identified during the audit;
  • any opportunities for improvement; and
  • TAC's processes following the site audit.

You will be asked to acknowledge this by signing the Auditor's documentation, either electronically or in hard copy.

Last modified: 29/01/2021 3:36 PM