TAC Audit Procedures

Allocation of audits to Auditors

TAC will issue category specific audits to Auditors in no particular order of preference, however, issues such as location, availability, scope, skills and experience in the category of service will be factors relevant to audit allocation.

Once the Auditor accepts the audit assignment, TAC will advise the RTO and the Auditor will coordinate the next phase in the audit process.

Scheduling a Site Audit

TAC will authorise the Auditor to contact the RTO to schedule a site audit.

Site audits are to occur within 10 working days of the Auditor receiving authorisation to contact the provider. Should circumstances prevent a site audit occurring within this timeframe, the Auditor will seek direction from TAC.

Once an audit is scheduled, it is expected to occur at that time unless there is an emergency.  RTOs must contact the Auditor immediately if an emergency occurs. The Auditor may not be able to accommodate a new audit date and may need to seek further direction from TAC.

Please note that if the audit is cancelled, there is no refund of fees for audits related to an application.


Auditing at a Private Residence

It is now common practice for businesses, including RTOs, to be based at a home office, especially where ‘site-based’ training programs are being offered. TAC considers these audits may potentially present a higher risk for the personal safety of an Auditor and other members of an audit team. To minimise this risk, an Auditor may be accompanied by an observer from TAC if the audit is to be conducted in a private residence.

Changing Audit Scope once an Audit is Scheduled

Audits are scheduled to assess specific training products or industry areas and once scheduled there is limited opportunity to change the scope of the audit. A change of audit scope is likely to require submission of new or additional evidence, which in turn may involve a change to the time an Auditor has been allocated to the audit, the evidence to be observed or people to be interviewed.  If it becomes necessary to change the scope of an audit, the provider must contact the Auditor and TAC  immediately so that required changes may be discussed.


Last modified: 28/01/2021 6:54 PM