Initial registration application process

​​​​​​​To apply to become a registered training organisation (RTO) with the Training Accreditation Council (TAC), you are required to:

The requirements for the application process are outlined in the RTO1a Application for Initial Registration. The initial ​registration application guide​ outlines how to complete the application forms.

To confirm your organisation's readiness for audit, you must complete and submit an Initial/Renewal Application Self-Assessment Tool, with all required supporting evidence attached, with your application for initial registration.

The application should be submitted at least four months in advance of your anticipated delivery date to allow enough time for processing. 

Applicants must not advertise, offer to provide or deliver or assess VET courses until they are registered with TAC and listed on the national register on VET at

The information provided by your organisation as part of your application will undergo an initial desktop review and financial viability assessment. It is at this stage the invoice for the initial application assessment fee will be sent to the applicant for payment.​ TAC will not continue to progress your application until this invoice is paid in full. ​

Once the TAC Secretariat has determined that the application requirements have been met, and the assessment fee has been paid, the audit will be assigned to a TAC auditor.

The following flowchart details the application process for initial registration.

Application Process Flowchart - Initial and Renewal of Registration

Determining scope of registration

Scope of registration consists of:

  •  the list of training package qualifications, units of competency or accredited courses which an RTO is registered to provide
  •  the services offered: either training and assessment, or assessment only.

When you apply for registration with TAC, you must specify the scope of registration, and demonstrate that you have the resources to deliver that scope.

You will also need to make sure that you meet the relevant accreditation, copyright approval or licensing requirements, and training package requirements for your scope.

Once registered, you can apply to amend the scope of registration at any time.

Refer to the national register on VET at for information on qualifications, accredited courses, units of competency and skill sets.



Applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee when submitting an application for initial registration. The TAC Secretariat will invoice the applicant for the assessment fee following an initial desktop review. This must be paid in full prior to progressing to audit. Please refer to TAC's Schedule of Fees for further information.



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