Initial registration audit process

​​A Training Accreditation Council (the Council) auditor will conduct an audit at one or more of your organisation's venues. The audit will ensure your organisation meets all Standards for​ Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015​​ across the scope of delivery applied for, as stated in your application.

If compliance is demonstrated, your application will be presented to the Council for consideration. Please note that the Council may take any other issues into consideration when assessing your application. The Council meets monthly to consider applications for registration and course accreditation.

If significant or critical levels of non-compliance is demonstrated at audit, the Council will find the applicant is non-compliant, propose to reject the application and provide the applicant with 20 working days to respond to the Council’s proposal and provide any supporting evidence for review. 

If minor non-compliance is demonstrated at audit, the Council will provide the applicant with an opportunity to address non-compliances without the proposal to reject.

If the application for registration is approved by the Council, your organisation will be approved for registration for up to 2 years, granted an RTO Code and added to the National Register on VET at The TAC Secretariat will send the organisation a certificate of registration and offering report, which outlines the units of competency/qualifications/accredited courses that your organisation is registered to deliver.

If your application is not approved, the Council will notify the organisation in writing of its decision.

To help you prepare for a site audit we have developed thishow to ​prepare for an audit against the Standards for RTOs 2015 guide.

Further audit process information



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