Pre-registration requirements

​​​​​​​​​​Before applying for initial registration

Before applying for initial registration to become a registered training organisation (RTO), you must:

Ensure your organisation is eligible for registration​

The Training Accreditation Council (TAC) is responsible for the registration of training providers delivering nationally recognised training to domestic students in Western Australia only, or in both Western Australia and Victoria.

TAC will only accept registration applications from organisations:

  • where the head office is located in Western Australia, or
  • where all of the intended delivery and assessment is in WA, or in WA and Victoria only.

TAC does not register or regulate providers in WA which deliver nationally recognised training to:

  • students in states other than WA and Victoria, including online delivery
  • international students on a student visa.

Providers in these categories fall under the jurisdiction of the national regulator, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). For further information, please visit ASQA's website.

Note, RTOs delivering nationally recognised training on Christmas Island must also be registered with ASQA.

Understand the requirements of registration​

An organisation wishing to apply for initial registration with TAC must comply with the following:

The Training Accreditation Council requires that an initial registration application be accompanied by a self-assessment of the applicant's compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015. 

The following self-assessment template must be completed and submitted as an attachment with your initial registration application, Self-assessment Template.

Demonstrate financial viability​

An RTO must be able to demonstrate to TAC, on request, that it is financially viable at all times during its period of registration.

Financial Viability Assessments are generally required when an organisation seeks initial registration or applies for ren​ewal of registration, or at other times as TAC deems necessary.

The Financial Viability Assessment Guidelines for the Registration of Training Providers 2017 have been developed to provide RTOs with guidance on the type of information that TAC may request from training providers in order to make a determination on their financial viability.​

The RTO1a application for initial registration form​​ includes the current evidence requirements for financial viability.


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